Investment consulting

INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL offers to corporate business and to private customer realizing their investment potential, and in political and economic condition of today’s Ukraine to place their assets with the maximum efficiency or to attract the funds needed to start and develop the investment projects on the most favourable conditions.

Sticking to an the individual approach to the customer’s needs, INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL regards providing of an investment project expert evaluation from the point of its efficiency, investment potential, suitability of realization, as well as positive balance between the wishes and possibilities of the customer to be its major task.

INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL offers to experienced entrepreneurs as well as to the beginners finding finance for investment project and existing business. And if a customer seeks the possibilities for accumulation of capital funds through investing in the most prospective projects, INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL will select the most attractive offers at the investment market.

INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL helps its customers to develop business-plans, proposes follow-up of investment projects on the stage of realization thereof, and promotes attraction of investments for realization of start-ups in the following sectors:

  • alternative sources of energy (solar energetics, hydropower, etc.)
  • agricultural industry
  • construction operations
  • merchandising
  • industry
  • finances (banking institutions, financial and insurance companies, etc.)

INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL will also find other interesting possibilities for investing according to the criteria specified by the investor.

Investment consulting of INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL foresees a complex support of the customer during all stages of the investment process, starting from development of an optimal investment strategy and ending with advisory on concluded juristic acts, which allows reducing the risk of funds loss as well as shortening the time investor needs to develop and realize the investment strategy.



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