Financial support of economic activity

Today in Ukraine in the face of permanent changes in the legislation and rules of corporate business running, the financial support of economic activity of companies of all forms of ownership becomes an integral part in building of civilized social and economic relations between the business entities at the national market.

The staff of INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL having learned the individual unique needs of a customer will develop and help to introduce the most effective in each separate case civilized ways of economic activity running.

INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL offers to its customers a complete support of economic activity starting from strategic decision development and up to specific everyday work, such as: claims work, participation in court sessions during all stages of the process, agreement work from expert estimation of the executed juristic acts to fulfilment of conditions thereof and making the necessary amendments to the documents, dealing with statutory documents, co-operation with public authorities, etc.

The staff of INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL has a sufficient professionalism and competence to render to the customers the widest range of services for optimization and rationalization of their economic activity. Undertaking, let’s say, fulfilment of certain complimentary but still necessary operations for running of the business, we give our customers an opportunity to concentrate on the basic directions not being distracted for complimentary operations. The result of such rationalization of a corporate customer’s activity is usually optimization of the business processes and increase of profits.

Among the financial solutions and services INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL offers the following:

  • providing advisory in legal matters of the customer’s economic activity
  • diagnostics of the customer’s financial state and development of strategies for achievement of the maximum level of investment profitability and minimizing of risks
  • choosing the optimal business category for running of a business
  • creation and improvement of corporate management standards
  • improvement of internal control system
  • preparation of legal opinions, memorandums in different branches of law
  • legal expertise of the customer’s juristic acts
  • preparation of local normative documents and provisions (collective agreement, internal labour regulations, health and safety rules, executive documents, duty regulations, regulations on organization departments, etc.)
  • advisory concerning bookkeeping and accounting
  • representation of the customer’s interests in the public authorities
  • provision of advisory in obtaining allowances from the corresponding public authorities
  • advisory concerning obtaining of licenses for all types of cartage
  • advisory concerning registration, cancellation of registration in DVLA, SAI of any type of the customer’s vehicles, etc.

INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL guarantees to its customers fundamental things like non-disclosure of confidential commercial information it obtains from the customer in the process of co-operation.



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