Banking services sector

Today the banking system of Ukraine is overcrowded with propositions for private clients, which one cannot estimate quickly and effectively without special knowledge and extra time to carry out a profound monitoring and choose the best one among similar banking products.

INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL offers to its private customers a type of relations based on a personal financial planning and budgeting.

With all necessary professional knowledge of banking products and services INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL may, having taken into consideration the customer’s wishes, render a professional consultation and offer the best possible way to decide the following matters:

  • how to protect the family financially from the inflation processes, depreciation of deposits in the national currency, risks of transactions in foreign currencies, loss of costs due to monetary fluctuations, etc.
  • how to ensure a decent life in retirement
  • how to manage your own money more effectively
  • how to make the mortgage loan less heavy
  • how to make profit with passive operations to have some money every month for satisfaction of short-time needs
  • how to return the savings which remain on the accounts of weak banks, etc.

INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL will help to choose the most favourable offers of:

  • deposit programmes
  • credit programmes
  • debit cards
  • local and international money transfers
  • individual safes

INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL will give you advice on:

  • building relationships with a banking institution if any problems arise
  • credit settlement
  • return of a deposit
  • enforced collection of a debt

INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL offers an individual service for corporate customers.

The staff of INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL researches in detail the products represented at the banking services market, their weak and strong sides. An optimal offer is formed on the basis of objective and unbiased analysis, individual approach and taking into account all client’s wishes.

INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL offers to corporate customers the services of a “personal banker” level with high standards of servicing, complex approach toward solving of financial matters, proficient set of banking services, including exclusive, for different client categories: legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, business leaders.

INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL will help to choose the most favourable offers of:

  • deposit programmes
  • credit programmes
  • payments and cash management
  • salary projects
  • debit cards
  • documentary operations
  • securities
  • banking metals
  • individual safes

Among the principles INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL adheres to in cooperation with corporate business are the following: 

  • maximum attention to the wishes of business and individual approach to the given tasks solution
  • unbiased search of the most favourable offer
  • the most comfortable servicing
  • prompt satisfaction of wishes of the business, efficient approach to the time of the customer’s request executionесу

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